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To obtain HCI CMD, the brine of the Great Salt Lake is concentrated further in evaporation ponds to dramatically increase the concentration of dissolved elements. As a result of exposure to the natural elements of the sun, wind, rain and frost, 98% of the water originally placed into the ponds is evaporated and 99.5% of the Sodium Chloride is removed via natural precipitation from what becomes a super saturated solution.

The Evaporation Ponds

  • Pristine– UMN’s environmentally friendly Clean Springs Evaporation Ponds on the shore of the Great Salt Lake produces mineral concentrate with the optimal balance of minerals in the purest solution possible.
  • Natural– UMN CMD uses only natural solar evaporation, while other companies add dyes to the brine so that heat from the sun can be absorbed easily making the drying process faster than the natural way.
  • GMP Standards –UMN’s harvesting ponds operate to food level GMP standards and is certified by the Utah State Department of Agriculture, which maintains local authority for FDA compliance.
  • Safety- UMN’s Clean Springs pond complex are gated and monitored round-the-clock by security measures. UMN uses only pest control methods, which are recognized, as safe for food production areas. (MRI)
  • Food Grade– UMN’s CMD is stored and transported in 100% dedicated food grade tanks and bladders.  UMN’s storage and packaging facilities operate to GMP standards, which are very close to pharmaceutical level GMP standards.
  • FDA, GMP and NSF Standards–UMN has strong partnership with an FDA certified, NSF and FDA registered company for manufacturing and packaging of its product.
  • Water Rights –UMN is one among the very few companies granted with mining permit and royalty agreement with the State of Utah
  • Size-UMN’s evaporation pond is the largest pond there is operating at about 6 hectares.

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