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Our body needs the proper nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals to function properly and to keep them in good shape.  Our body needs Macronutrients (Carbohydrates, fats and proteins) and Micronutrients (Vitamins and Minerals).  Dietary Minerals often known as Trace Minerals are often overlooked and we tend to undermine the right amount that we need, this results to mineral deficiencies and imbalances that bring some serious repercussion on our health, aside from this, below are other reason why Cell Mineral Nutrition is needed.   Minerals are spark of life!  


  1. Body CELLS definitely need it.
    • CELLS being the most basic unit of life need HCI CMD to carry out its functions in the body.  In return, well functioning CELLS, make a healthy body.
  1. Daily FOODS becomes unreliable source of minerals. 
    • Recent studies revealed that modern farming methods have caused a remarkable reduction in the essential minerals and trace elements in our food. The refining procedure that certain foods underwent even decreases the amount of minerals that is naturally expected from it.
  1. Our food SOURCE is depleted.
    • Due to agricultural development, we have grown food in limited areas rather than in variety of soil, cropping the same soil year after year, make the soil depleted of essential nutrients like minerals.
  1. Exposure to TOXIC and POLLUTED environment.
    • Nowadays, we are highly exposed to toxic chemicals like air pollutants and water pollutants.  In a polluted environment, free radicals linger around and fearlessly interact with our biological molecules-like our CELL membranes, including our antioxidant enzymes, when enzymes are burned away, our body loses minerals.
  1. ACTIVE and STRESSFUL lifestyle.
    • With a busy lifestyle, we end up eating fast and convenient foods which unfortunately lacks essential nutrients like minerals. A continuous exposure to stress can lead to unlikely physical symptoms and worse to some diseases.  That is why people who are under stress need higher intakes of minerals
  1. Our body undergoes natural wear and tear as we AGED.
    • As we aged, our body functions become slower making the CELL’s minerals absorption to be less efficient. Aging is natural occurrence in life, that is why as this happen, the more we need to take supplements to furnish our body needs.

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