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Recognizing the need to supplement our diet with minerals it needs to function well prompted us to provide the people with a safe, natural and potent ionic dietary minerals that is the proven effective by thousands users.  We do not give you an alternative…we give you the Best Choice!

  1. COMPLETE – With HCI Cell Mineral Drops (HCI CMD) you get the full spectrum of naturally occurring minerals and trace elements essential for the normal functioning of the human body. It has the full spectrum of naturally occurring.

  2. MORE CONCENTRATED-With the consistent flowing waters from surrounding rivers of Great Salt Lake, more than one million tons of mineral deposits are added to the terminal lake each year, HCI CMD is harvested from the northern part, which has a higher mineral and salt concentration.

  3. STABLE MINERAL CONTENT –Streaming from mountains, deserts and rivers that strategically surrounds the bowl-like basin-Great Salt Lake, the brine harvested from its deepest depths to the state of the nutrition focused evaporation ponds makes the HCI CMD its balanced mineral composition.

  4. PRISTINE – The presence of algae which releases beta-carotene gives the north part of the lake a reddish or purplish color. It is through the work of these algae that the Great Salt Lake has been studied as a self-purifying eco-system, and is the world’s most pure source of liquid ionic and trace minerals, all in the natural balance most compatible with human metabolism.

  5. NATURAL – HCI CMD does not contain any industrial chemicals, it is a product of an all-natural, all-weather processing produced using only natural solar evaporation and not from the use of external heat, which may alter the natural balance and effect the ionic nature of every element.

  6. FOOD-GRADE- HCI CMD is stored and transported in 100% dedicated food grade tanks and bladders. The storage and packaging facilities operate to GMP standards close to pharmaceutical level GMP standards.

  7. SAFE-Because HCI CMD is in perfect balance of the minerals the body needs, it is generally safe to be taken by all ages. HCI CMD is safe, natural and free of any chemical processes. Designated evaporation ponds are used to extract and concentrate minerals even more. Then a proprietary all-natural process removes 99.5% of the sodium to create a pure concentration that does not lose potency over time.

  8. CONVENIENT –Taking HCI CMD with your regular drinking water or juice is the most convenient way of taking your daily mineral needs anytime, anywhere. The balanced and concentrated mineral composition gives it a unique after taste.

  9. ECONOMICALNo right amount of foods will determine whether you get sufficient amount of minerals on a daily basis. HCI CMD is the most affordable source of your body’s daily mineral needs.

  10. IONIC-HCI CMD is ionic minerals, when ions released from minerals are combined with water, they form a powerful solution containing the full spectrum of minerals, and because it is in simpliest liquefied form, it is adequately absorbed and utilized by the cells.

  11. BACTERIA FREE –Aside from it being naturally pure, HCI CMD has undergone the process of PASTEURIZATION to kill micro-organisms that could cause disease.  HCI CMD is naturally preserved and contains no bacteria growth.  Moreso, it has passed stringent tests that show it is free from any bacteria. 

  12. MULTI-FUNCTION- HCI CMD is a mineral supplement, however, practical application revealed the multiple functions of HCI CMD, aside from it being able to supplement our cell mineral needs, it is found to have good effects on hair and skin when topically applied, it can even be used for cooking.  But, facts remains that HCI CMD is recommended as a food supplement.

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