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What is HCI-CMD


HCI Cell Mineral Drops (HCI CMD) – the Safest Ionic Mineral Food Supplement for Cell Health

The need to supplement our diet with natural and safe ionic dietary minerals have prompted us at Health Code International to provide the market with a food supplement that is synergistically- balanced and originates from a safe and natural source. Recognizing the health-giving qualities of the natural ionic dietary minerals that are harvested from the Northern Arm of the Great Salt Lake of Utah in the United States, Health Code International brings into our households HCI – Cell Mineral Drops (HCI-CMD).

HCI-CMD then, is a highly saturated, ionic, brine solution. It is a homogenous “true solution” with all particles in their dissolved ionic state having radii between 27 (BE2+) and 220 (I-) picometers. It contains 78, and possibly more, naturally occurring elements in a saline and charge balanced form.

HCI-CMD offers in 30 drops the mineral content equivalent of one third of a cup of sea water with 99.5% of the sodium removed. This product was specifically designed to contain a minimal amount of sodium.

HCI-Cell Mineral Drops is FOOD SUPPLEMENT, perfectly suits to optimal cell nutrition for it is easily absorbable and usable by our body’s cells for optimum health.

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